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 How to play a ball that is lost that goes into a Red Stake Hazard (Lateral Hazard)

A ball that goes into a red staked hazard that you cannot find (you have 5 minutes)  can be played from that hazard area; even though this is a “lost ball,” you do not have to go back to the tee or the original point that you hit the shot although that is one of the 4 options.  The other 3 options on how to play this ball are the following: 

Option 1- Play it from the hazard (you cannot ground your club or move rocks, sticks, etc to make your lie better in a hazard)

Options 2-Draw a line from the hole to where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard and drop anywhere behind that point keeping the point between you and the hole incurring a 1 shot penalty.

Option 3-Go to the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard and drop within 2 club lengths, no nearer the hole, on either side of the hazard incurring a 1 shot penalty.

Option 4-As mentioned above, you can reply the shot from the original position incurring a stroke and distance penalty.  (this would be the least favorable option since you incur both the stroke AND the distance penalty).

To Pull or Not to Pull (the pin that is):

When your ball is off the green and you are hitting or putting up on the green, you have the option to keep the pin in or have it pulled out. However, if your ball is on the green, you must have the pin either tended by your playing partner or have it pulled out of the cup.  If you leave the pin in (and no one is tending it)  while putting on the green, you would incur a 2 shot penalty if you were in a tournament.


Order of Play (on the green):

It is always the turn of the player whose ball is furthest away from the hole (regardless of whether, for example, one ball is on the green and another is still off it). Nevertheless, this is often deviated from on and around the green to save time.  No penalty is then incurred.  However, if the players have agreed upon the wrong order for tactical reasons, they will be punished with disqualification. 

MATCH PLAY:  If a player makes a stroke when it is not her turn (her play was not the furthest away), she will not incur a penalty, however the opponent may immediately require the player to cancel her stroke and replay it in the correct order.